yoga kids & music = fun + mindfulness + movement + singing + drumming

Our music & yoga curriculum come from the industry's BEST!


Music Together’s Rhythm Kids program & YOGA KIDS

During this one hour mindfulness class your child will be singing, learning yoga (YogaKids), dancing, playing rhythm instruments, creating art projects that align with the theme of the day.

Additionally, the students will be learning basic music theory in a play oriented manner, which makes it fun and interactive.

The Music in Motion’s Music & Yoga Exploration class is for students 4 – 10 years old.

Each week the students will experience and learn:

  • Rhythm Kids’ Songs
  • Solfege 
  • Mindfulness and focus 
  • Flexibility
  • Drumming
girl sketching on a paper
children sketching and coloring
boy smiling while sketching

Why YogaKids? Because a YogaKids class is not like any other yoga for kids class. A YogaKids class is unique, active, and fun! Also, they’re educational! Our YogaKids Teachers blend the benefits of yoga with games, reading, math, science, art, and more! Furthermore, a YogaKids class reaches the learning style of each and every child.

 Endorsed by Dr. Deepak Chopra, Dr. Andrew Weil & Jean Houston, PhD


How is YogaKids different from other children’s yoga programs?


YogaKids is the original yoga program for children. Most other specialty programs out in the market today received their foundation 

from YogaKids. Those specialty programs are wonderful in their scope and niche. 


We find that YogaKids is different in many ways including: 

The YogaKids 14 Elements: Our building blocks for creating fun, educational and healthy kids yoga classes. 

Original YogaKids Poses: Our program contains over 175 original poses and we bring life and excitement to each pose. 

Experience: Our teachers are certified and trained through the YogaKids program. 

Bring a Yoga Mat and wear comfortable clothes to move and stretch in during class.  


Empowering Kids to Love & Learn through Yoga 

Yoga mat
Children playing with their legs and holding each other hands
children doing yoga
girl doing a handlift

Our Featured Books

I am Peace by Peter Reynolds
I can Do Hard Things Gabi Garcia
My Magic Breat Nick Ortner and Alison Taylor
A World Of Pausabilities
Listening With My Heart Gabi Barcia

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