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About the Program

Music & Yoga Exploration

yoga kids & music together rhythm kids =

fun + mindfulness + movement + singing + drumming

During this three hour mindfulness class, your child will be singing, learning yoga (YogaKids), dancing, playing rhythm instruments, creating art projects that align with the theme of the day. Additionally, the students will be learning basic music theory in a play oriented manner, which makes it fun and interactive.

The Music in Motion’s Music & Yoga Exploration class is for students 5 – 9 years old.

Why YogaKids? Because a YogaKids class is not like any other yoga for kids class. A YogaKids class is unique, active, and fun! Also, they’re educational! Our YogaKids Teachers blend the benefits of yoga with games, reading, math, science, art, and more! Furthermore, a YogaKids class reaches the learning style of each and every child.

Rhythm Kids classes are designed to help children develop their rhythm skills and gain a deeper level of musical understanding, preparing them for formal music instruction. 

The Program Includes:

  • Learning drumming patterns through playful animal-themed rhythmic chants.
  • Experiencing and improvising with new repertoire using a range of percussion instruments, ensemble and solo singing and drumming
  • Playing dynamic group and partner music and drumming games
  • Engaging in group movement activities and folk dances
  • Creating imaginative movements, improvising patterns, and sharing ideas with the group
  • Learning to take charge and lead others (like a conductor) as well as listen respectfully and follow peers/teacher when it is their turn to lead. 

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